"Tweeter of the Year"

Honored by CableFax magazine as the national "Tweeter of the Year" for 2014 and 2015. Has attracted over 15,000 Twitter followers since joining the platform in 2009 and generates roughly 3 million engagements per month.

Social Media Education

Frequently speaks to high school students and conducts seminars on the "Dangers of Social Media" for athletes, parents and coaches. Audiences have reached nearly 1,000 students and examines the pitfalls, as well as the advantages, of social media

Master of Ceremonies

Hosts banquets and awards ceremonies as the emcee for high school teams and organizations

Web curator

Along with a talented team of producers and editors, Kevin Devaney Jr. helped MSG Varsity and News 12 Varsity establish itself among the top websites in the industry. Among the accolades, the sites earned Best Sports Website four times nationally

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